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Pause for Presence Modern Meditation

Hi, I’m Becs

A yoga and Modern Meditation teacher. Here to share yoga, meditation and wellbeing guidance with individuals and organisations. Yoga, meditation and wellbeing is for everybody. 

I found meditation and yoga when I was suffering with my mental health. Now I want to share meditation and yoga with everybody. I became a certified 100 hour Modern Meditation teacher in 2020 and a certified 200 hour yoga teacher in 2023. In January 2024 I completed my 40 hour prenatal yoga training and I am now offering pregnancy yoga classes! opentotheflow was born out of the idea of accepting what is and being in the flow of things. Whatever you resist, persists...

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"Joy attracts more joy. Happiness attracts more happiness. Peace attracts more peace. Gratitude attracts more gratitude. Kindness attracts more kindness. Love attracts more love. Your job is an inside one. To change your world, all you have to do is change the way you feel inside."

 ― Rhonda Byrne (author of 'The Secret')


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Yoga, meditation and wellbeing offerings
"Becs led an excellent session on Modern Meditation for a group of coaches I belong to. She showed us how to experience meditation and explained how this can help us as coaches as well as help us support our clients - "filling our own cup first so we can better help others” was a phrase that had great resonance for me. She has a lovely calming presence with a soothing voice and felt connected to each one of us as she guided us through short practices and explanation. She made a powerful process feel simple and accessible, taking the mystique out of meditation in a down to earth way. I felt so relaxed and calm at the end of the session, and it was great that she encouraged us to continue and to find realistic ways of doing this. Thanks Bec, it was just what I needed!"
Caroline, Leadership Coach and Mentor
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