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30 Day Meditation Challenge

I am completing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Yoga Campus this June. My homework recently was practicing meditation for 30 days and keeping a meditation diary of whatever came up. Below I have posted a copy of my report. I hope this inspires you to set yourself the same meditation or mindfulness challenge.

I'm Becs and I'm a certified Modern Meditation teacher. Here to share meditation and wellbeing guidance with individuals and organisations. In 2020 I completed EMCC Accredited Programme beanddo™ Modern Meditation Teacher Training Course with Mick Timpson, Accredited and Approved Yoga Alliance Professionals Coach.

"Meditation... its the bliss that comes with experiencing not mere happiness but complete satisfaction with the way things are. These are the moments of supreme quiet, total acceptance, and non judgement. The wonderous intervals when we know we are in the right place and doing precisely what we're supposed to be doing."

~ Jack Hawley (Essential Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita)

Meditation challenge
Daily yoga and meditation practice

I have a daily meditation practice each morning (typically 15 mins) that is a ritual I have created for myself. Weekdays I will practice alongside asana (yoga postures), but often on the weekend when I have less of a routine and other activities get in the way I will simply practice meditation- dharana (focussed concentration) / dhyana (meditative absorption). Throughout the day I then practice “mindfulness moments” to reset and reconnect.

Mindfulness Stockport
Paying attention

During the 30 day period I wrote notes as the homework asked and maybe this is something I will continue with in my own practice. I do have a journaling practice, however I typically journal twice a month on the new moon and full moon. (A friend bought me a book about journaling with the moon cycle a couple of birthdays ago and I have practiced this ever since!) Writing down how I felt before and after the meditation allowed me to reflect deeper on the change and whatever came up. It’s something I do recommend in my classes (in Bredbury, Stockport. More info here.)

In my practice I begin with bringing attention to hands / feet / breath – so dharana or focussed concentration in the 8 limbs of yoga. And then I feel as I move into more open awareness – possibly dhyana or meditative absorption if only a few seconds here and there! It begins with paying attention and then my awareness grows. I start with bringing my attention to hands / feet / breath and notice if my mind wanders. I then start to notice the shape of the body, the position of the body, feelings in the body. Noticing thoughts happening in the mind and feelings happening in the body. Experiences start to rise, and experiences to start to fall away. I don’t expect anything to happen, but I simply observe. On some days I may even find insight and wisdom.

Mindfulness Stockport
Mindfulness moments

Looking over my notes from the past 30 days I have identified themes before the practice; feeling stressed, annoyed, irritated, frustrated, needing more space, focussed on “to do”, busyness of thoughts, thoughts and feelings of chaos. For context I am now 27 weeks pregnant and balancing this with house renovations, day job, meditation teaching, yoga course, family, friends etc etc. After the meditation I identified themes; feelings of spaciousness, even “infinite space in the mind”, some days accepting that thoughts didn’t settle but shifting of perspective of observing them, practicing letting go of thoughts, feeling lighter, seeing stuff as just stuff!, practicing welcoming the law of attraction, finding feelings full of gratitude, finding a serene feeling of calmness amongst chaos, reconnection to my human BEING, finding a sense of presence, and carrying these feelings into my days. Some days from here I would take a walk into my garden to find a mindfulness moment outside soaking up spring. Not all days started with feelings of dukkha (feelings of being restricted) and moving into sukha (lightness and openness). On some days I started feeling full of potential, new beginnings and excitement. It is important to reflect an all the feelings, positive or negative, and find intuition and insight how we can cultivate more of the feelings of lightness and openness, presence, grounding and calmness.

Yoga and meditation classes Stockport

Minding the mind consists of observing the mind and bringing in the desirable mode that leads us to freedom from our own minds.

~ A.G. Mohan (A Yoga Reminder )

Set yourself the intention of the 30 day meditation challenge and make notes every day to reflect on what comes up for you. Please share in the comments below your reflections! And if you are interested in my meditation classes go to the offerings page here. I offer in person or online options.

I am here to share my experience and offer meditation and wellbeing guidance with others. I want to empower people to know they can change, from the inside out. If you found this stuff interesting please subscribe, comment and share with your family and friends. Each month I'll explore a different theme on meditation and wellbeing topics. Get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like us to work together.

Yoga and meditation Bredbury, Stockport
Yoga and meditation Bredbury, Stockport

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