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5 reasons to (not) meditate

Updated: Jun 23

My Modern Meditation classes are back (!) and we have started with exploring why are we so resistant to meditation. As a meditation teacher I hear "meditation isn't for me...", "I can't sit still..." or "I can't empty my mind..." BUT MEDITATION IS YOU. I explore reasons to (not) meditate and rather than assuming meditation isn't for you, it is you!

I'm Becs and I'm a certified Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Modern Meditation teacher. Here to share yoga, meditation and wellbeing guidance with individuals and organisations.

modern meditation class cheadle
Hello from my new meditation class space!

So what are 5 reasons for not meditating? Each reason I explore and transform into the reason for meditating!!

1. "I'm not good at meditating"

Our ego protects us from doing something new or unknown! So if we think we're not going to be "good" at meditating we often decide not to do it. But there is no such thing as a "good" or "bad" meditation. That's why we call meditation a meditation practice. Meditation doesn't have an end goal and it's not results based, it's an ongoing practice. It's a process. A bit like going to the gym. Would you go to the gym a couple of times and expect to experience the benefits for the rest of time?!...

Meditation is just like exercise. Any exercise you're willing to do regularly is good for you. Once you start exercising the "muscle" of meditation you will start to find the value. It's experiential.

Mindfulness moment walking with my baby
Mindfulness moments walking with my baby

2. "It's boring"

Mediation is a quieter and still version of yoga. It's subtle. We're losing the art of sitting and simply being with ourselves. We're so overstimulated and distracted. When was the last time you sat quietly on your own without your phone, the telly or a book? When was the last time you allowed yourself to just be... It can feel uncomfortable if this quietness and stillness is unfamiliar to you. Last week in our class we spoke about being bored and how we very rarely experience boredom nowadays. But actually boredom is good for us... out of boredom is born creativity!

Starting in a group can be a very good place to start. My classes are interactive with lots of opportunity for discussions around meditation / mindfulness. You will gain a deeper understanding and benefit from being able to ask questions and hear other people's questions too. My classes are joyful and you will learn to look forward to meditating!

Mindfulness walks Stockport

3. "I don't have time."

I have an 11 month baby so I can relate to "I don't have time." I teach accessible meditation. There are no rules. It's yours. Just like how you decide to exercise (yoga, running, walking, weight training, whatever) meditate how you want to meditate. It doesn't need to be formal. All you need is a quiet space. You don't even need exercise clothes or a mat. If you only have 2 minutes, meditate for 2 minutes... If you don't have 2 minutes a day (or ideally more!) to sit with yourself then you need to make some changes.

I have recently started meditating sat on the toilet (closed toilet seat!) before I have a shower. This is because I have a quiet space and a locked door so no one will bother me!

4. "I'm worried what I may find".

Whatever you resist, persists. So if you are worried about what may come to the surface, stuff will reveal itself anyway... And maybe when you least expect / want it to come up! For me that was my body was forcing me to stop when I was experiencing panic attacks...

Meditation is a safe space. We are willing to witness thoughts and feelings ~ but from a shift of perspective. A safe space of acceptance, non judgement and compassion. It's a practice of re-connecting to your human being and building a better relationship with your Self.

5. "Meditation isn't for me."

As a meditation teacher I hear "meditation isn't for me...", "I can't sit still..." or "I can't empty my mind..." Rather than assuming meditation isn't for you, MEDITATION IS YOU. My teacher, Mick Timpson, puts it into this simple but profound explanation in his new book 'A Modern Way to Meditate'.

"Meditation isn't an activity or training of the mind. Meditation is simply the presence of awareness. In other words, rather than assuming meditation isn't for you, it is YOU! Meditation isn't something that you do but something you are. So the only skill you ever need in meditation is shifting your perspective. This means that whether you are aware of it or not, awareness is happening now. It just is, constantly. Awareness is your essence, underneath all your experiences, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and all actions."

~Mick Timpson (A Modern Way to Meditate, 2024)

Now you have 5 reasons to meditate are you ready to change your perspective? You will learn to notice your inner world. Learn how to be empowered from the inside, out...

Modern Meditation classes, Mondays 6-7pm at YWJ in Cheadle, Stockport. Book a block or drop-in classes in advance. Workplace Wellbeing Modern Meditation 1 hour taster session or bespoke packages available and one-to-one Modern Meditation coaching online.

New yoga studio in Cheadle, Stockport
New yoga studio in Cheadle, Stockport

Reading list?

I am re reading in preparation for my new classes Mick Timpson's second book 'A Modern Way to Meditate'. I was honoured to have been sent the manuscript that I read whilst I was pregnant with Rosie (and I contributed to the book, see the pictures!) Just like everything, I felt like I read it exactly when I was supposed to.

If I could recommend only one book to read about meditation, this is it. ❤️

Mick Timpson's A Modern Way to Meditate

Becs Mansfield Modern Meditation teacher

I am here to share my experience and offer yoga, meditation and wellbeing guidance with others. I want to empower people to know they can change, from the inside out. If you found this stuff interesting please subscribe, comment and share with your family and friends. I explore different themes on yoga, meditation and wellbeing topics. Get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like us to work together.

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