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How to trust in the flow of life

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Our expectation interferes with what is really happening. How do we recognise when is the time for resting and when is the time for outward focussed energy? I am not an expert in resting and I found yoga and meditation when I needed to learn to slow down, relax and turn my attention inwards. Finding trust is a daily practice, but with some go-to tools we can start to build trust in our self and in the universe.

How signs of spring make me feel!

I'm Becs and I'm a certified Modern Meditation teacher. Here to share meditation and wellbeing guidance with individuals and organisations.

Hello! I am back after a couple of months of quietness and no “monthly” blog posts for January and February. The truth is I am pregnant and I am now feeling better and ready to share it with others. I am now in my second trimester and over the last couple of weeks my energy has returned, and feelings of sickness and moodiness have faded. It’s been an experience of real change, exhaustion and frustration...

“The ability to confront change is yoga.”

~ A.G. Mohan ('Yoga Reminder')

Before we explore trust, let’s take a step back and explore change. In my blog posts an ongoing theme is change (take a read of last October's blog post). December I was struggling with the change of becoming pregnant, physically and emotionally. Specifically being overwhelmed with not being physically or emotionally able to continue with everything I had been working on and my constant desire of progress. As a gift earlier in the year I was given ‘I Ching / The book of changes’ described as ‘Guide to Life's Turning Points’. In short you ask the ancient book a question (some say the method has been used going back 5000 years) and follow the process to land on the page that is the wisdom and guidance you need to hear. The two pages of wisdom offered to me were titled ‘Oppression / Exhaustion’ (if you look into it, Hexagram 47) and ‘Deliverance’ (Hexagram 40). Here are some quotes that resonated:

“It is foolish to fight against the restraints; success is not possible right now. Rid yourself of your desire to progress and return to neutrality and acceptance.”

~ I Ching or Book of Changes, Hexagram 47 (Brain Browne Walker)

“A change in attitude delivers you from difficulty. Not to try force progress, even though this time is beneficial. If we have truly changed our attitude, we have become accepting. In this state we allow progress to unfold naturally.”

~ I Ching or Book of Changes, Hexagram 47 (Brain Browne Walker)

The wisdom the I Ching offered I found to be practicing letting go of progress and welcoming in trust in something bigger.

The wisdom of nature

The beginning of the year we can be made to feel like we need to make progress, quickly. But if we look to the signs around us in nature, the world around us is still quiet and still. I have consciously used nature as a reminder from December through to February that now is not the time for outward focussed growth. We can use natural cycles to reconnect with an ebb and flow; the seasons, the moon, our menstrual cycle. We can learn to be in steady flow of what is, learn from the wisdoms in each turn, and know everything changes. Accepting there’s a time for outward focussed energy, but also a time for turning inwards and planting the seeds.

Enjoying the slowness of a holiday.

QUESTION: When was the last time you did something that wasn’t focussed on outward focussed growth?

The world around us is showing signs of waking up, as we begin to see buds, shoots and leaves begin to rise as we move into spring and new beginnings. After a deep, long rest we can see the signs of sleepy winter coming to an end and the energy rising. But there is no rush. Notice how some trees around us are starting to bud, and some are still dormant. There is no bare trees, to full bloom in a day. We should take our time and move slowly into the season ahead. We can notice nature and trust just like the seeds we can bring our outwards focussed energy at the right time. We have to find our own pace, and not rush before we are ready. Practicing trust and allowing progress to unfold naturally (like the I Ching said!).

ASK YOURSELF: Are you trusting a slower process, or resisting and pushing?

How does yoga and meditation teach us to trust?

“Up until this point, you have directed your attention outwards. Now is the time to slow down, relax and turn your attention inwards.

Tell yourself mentally:

I am exactly where I planned to be.

I am doing exactly what I planned to do.

There is no where else to be. There is nothing else to do”

(How I start my meditation guidance)

Increase body and mind awareness ~

Noticing thoughts happening in the mind

We notice that just like our body breathes for us, our mind thinks for us. Thoughts are constantly flowing. We can’t stop thoughts. We learn to observe our thoughts. We can simply allow thoughts to appear, and then let them go. No longer being pulled into the narrative, the story going around in our mind. Noticing like the rising and falling of breath, thoughts come and go. We can practice non attachment to our thoughts and we can change our relationship to our thoughts. Not judging the thought. Not attaching to the thought. Allow the thought to rise and flow through the mind, and then letting it go. Not expecting any thought, just going with whatever is happening. When we learn to not attach ourself to thoughts, they pass by. Our mind starts to settle and we can see with clarity – the bigger picture.

Noticing feelings happening in the body

Similarly we pay attention to feelings in the body. Noticing a feeling you may be experiencing in the moment. Not judging as pleasant or unpleasant. Simply observing whatever feeling rise up and flow through your body. Leaning just to be with the feeling. Welcoming in the feeling. Not attaching yourself to that feeling. Allowing the feeling to rise and flow through your body, and then letting it go. When we learn to not attach ourself to the feeling, they fall away and pass by. We will always have feelings, but we can change the way we respond to the experience. No longer resisting any feelings or pushing it away. Allowing our body to experience and process - whatever you resist, persists! The only way to make progress is to open ourselves up to the experience and accept the reality of what is. This may be uncomfortable as we have explored in November's blog.

The more we practice the more we can see thoughts and feelings for what they really are – rising and falling, coming and going, impermanent – and they lose their power over us. Our awareness is there before the thought appears, and after the thought has gone.

You’re the awareness under the thoughts. We can cultivate real Self awareness and a deep sense of trust. We can find both self believe and a deep trust in the universe.

We learn to let go and we open and expand our mind ~

We practice letting go of unhealthy thought patterns and create space to notice and see what is really happening. No longer grasping at the positive and pushing away the negative. Trying to control what is beyond us. We learn to trust in something bigger than us, finding intuition and comfort that all experiences are impermanent and they will pass. We can accept feelings, fears and worries as simply being human. This trust is a practice.

Taking a little break for a slower paced week and walking in IIandre, Wales. Here we can see Borth beach where I like to do cold swims.

Visioning to find trust and believe it is real

The theme of trust for my March blog post so happens to fall when the new moon is in Pisces. This is the moon to dream and believe. (If you don’t follow lunar cycles, it offers a monthly ritual to set intentions on the new moon and then release whatever you need to let go of on the full moon. Each zodiac offers themes you can focus your attention for the waxing and waning moon. I enjoy the purpose it brings to each month, and working with the moods of the moon.) This new moon is about allowing yourself to dream, follow your intuition and know deep down you know what to do. Guiding you to trust in the flow of life, to trust the universe is supporting you to grow and evolve and to move you in right direction. Over the last few months I have worked with visioning and manifesting to find trust and believe it is real. We need to believe in our self and our intentions to make positive change.

Here is a less than 12 minute believe and manifesting meditation you can practice whenever you need.

Visualising is a powerful technique and can really help you achieve your goals. Sports people use it! Get clear on what it is you want to create in your life, your intention, that version of you you’re ready to step into - and then practice the visualisation and manifesting meditation. In the meditation we use our 5 senses to bring our vision to life and feel it fully. We can use our senses to start to believe it is real and possible. Then notice what is holding us back, and what we need to let go of to allow us to step into our vision. Letting go of the fearful stories in our mind.

Paying attention to signs in the outside world

Meditation is just the practice. We can really pay attention in the outside world. We can notice signals or nudges or opportunities that bring us closer to our vision. We can use our vision / intention as our inner compass. Whenever we are unsure about anything we can ask ourselves whether this takes us closer to or further away from our vision or feelings around our vision.

As we slowly come into the start of spring, we can bring the wisdom of stillness and quietness of winter to find balance and notice our inner world. With the rising energies and when our year begins to speed up again, we can balance the needs of our inner world with the outside world – feeling nourished and purposeful. Listen to the messages your body is offering to you. What wisdom, insight and intuition do you find? Yoga and meditation allow us to sit with it, be with it and welcome the experience in, like you would a friend.

Finding trust in our self and in the flow of life is a practice. You can write a statement you can say to yourself daily, to practice trust.

~ I believe in myself.

~ I believe in my vision and my dreams.

~ I believe in the guidance and support from the universe.

Whenever you are doubting your self, stop and notice. Repeat the statement and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Notice how positive thoughts have positive outcomes. We need to notice and let go of self doubt or limiting beliefs to allow us to change and grow.

I am here to share my experience and offer meditation and wellbeing guidance with others. I want to empower people to know they can change, from the inside out. If you found this stuff interesting please subscribe, comment and share with your family and friends. Each month I'll explore a different theme on meditation and wellbeing topics. Get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like us to work together.

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